Converse Chuck 70 HI 'Capitols'

189.99 ლარი

This Chuck 70 HI celebrates the legacy of Earl "Big Cat" Lloyd, who was the first African American player to play an NBA game when he made his debut for the Washington Capitols on October 31, 1950. The sneaker brings Lloyd to life, with special details that remind him of his life and career and celebrate the basketball of the 1950s. It is also the first time that a name other than Chuck Taylor can be seen on the brand emblem of the sneaker.

მონიშნეთ სასურველი ზომა
  • Satin upper
  • Vucanized rubber outsole
  • NBA Hardwood Classics details
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35 EUR-36 US-3.5 US-5.5 22.5
35.5 EUR-36.5 US-4 US-6 23.0
36.5 EUR-37.5 US-5 US-7 24.0
37 EUR-38 US-5.5 US-7.5 24.5
38 EUR-39 US-6 US-8 24.5
38.5 EUR-39.5 US-6.5 US-8.5 25.0
39 EUR-40 US-7 US-9 25.5
40 EUR-41 US-7.5 US-9.5 26.0
40.5 EUR-41.5 US-8 US-10 26.5
41 EUR-42 US-8.5 US-10.5 27.0
41.5 EUR-42.5 US-9 US-11 27.5
42 EUR-43 US-9.5 US-11.5 28.0
43 EUR-44 US-10 US-12 28.5

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