DR. Martens 1460 Harness Lace Up Boots

129.99 ლარი
ძველი ფასი: 309.99 ლარი დაზოგე: 180.00 ლარი (58%)

For decades, Docs wearers have customized our footwear with bolt-on pieces of hardware. This collection goes out to them. The 1460 Harness boot comes in black Smooth leather, enhanced with straps, harnesses and gunmetal studs. Yellow welt stitching and a scripted heel loop mark them as Dr. Martens.

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36 EUR-37 US-5 USW-6 UK-4 23.0
37 EUR-38 US-6 USW-7 UK-5 23.5
38 EUR-39 US-7 USW-8 UK-6 24.5
39 EUR-40 US-8 USW-9 UK-7 25.0
40 EUR-41 US-9 USW-10 UK-8 25.5
41 EUR-42 US-10 USW-11 UK-9 26.0
42 EUR-43 US-11 USW-12 UK-10 27.0
43 EUR-44 US-12
UK-11 28.0
44 EUR-45 US-13 UK-12 29.0
45 EUR-46 US-14 UK-13 29.5

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