Nike Daybreak 'Ocean Fog & Metallic Gold'

109.99 ლარი
ძველი ფასი: 184.99 ლარი დაზოგე: 75.00 ლარი (41%)

Looking as good today as it did upon its initial 1979 release, Nike’s Daybreak is delivered here in close-to-OG form. Having been the subject of recent stand-out collaborations, this iteration is devoid of any frivolous detailing to let the true back-to-basics silhouette shine. Finished in timeless blue, the retro runner utilises breathable mesh and durable suede across its tonal upper,

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39 EUR-40 US-7 UK-6 25.0
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41 EUR-42 US-8.5 UK-7.5 26.5
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44 EUR-45 US-11 UK-10 29.0
45 EUR-46 US-12 UK-11 30.0

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